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Is a Radio Infomercial Right For Your Business?
by Chad DeFerrari

As a sales tool, a radio infomercial is very powerful. Eighty-five to 90% of all calls that come in are typically sales. Radio is relatively inexpensive medium and block programming is a relative bargain when it comes to advertising. With that information, you may be asking yourself if a radio infomercial is right for your business. Let’s look at a 10 ways to evaluate if a radio infomercial is right for you.

First, is your product something people will buy? This is a valid question. Ask yourself what is the perceived necessity that your product fills. If you can answer the question with an affirmative, then you are ready to move on the details.

Second, is there a compelling core story regarding the product? The concept behind a 30-minute infomercial is to educate potential consumers while convincing them that they cannot live without the product you are selling. It really doesn’t matter what that product is, it simply must fill a perceived need. We create your radio infomercial as a “show” centered on the core story of the product. This “story” needs to be told with passion and by a guest who is absolutely passionate about using the product.

Third, the main guest must be rock solid with regard to the complete knowledge of the product. Do you have someone who can talk about this product in a concise, but passionate way and translate the formality of the specifics into the reality of the average user? While a good producer can coach your talent, it can never recreate the passion.

Fourth, do you have testimonials from users? If you are launching a new product, there is probably a test group that can give some positive feedback. If your product has been around for a while, you probably have quite a few. You will want to select about 20 articulate age appropriate individuals who can give your infomercial the credibility.

Fifth, what incentive do you have to offer a potential consumer? The “Call to Action” is just as important as the product itself. Why should the consumer call now? Do you offer free shipping, a free book, etc.? Infomercials perform better when there is a sense of urgency. The consumer is getting all this great information and the product is useful, now what is the hook? Many times the perception of a great deal for the first 100 callers is important. Of course no matter how many calls we get, they all get the same great deal, but perception helps the urgency factor.

Sixth, is the pricing associated with your product viable for radio? Products that sell for less than fifty dollars do two to three times better than products over fifty dollars. Can your product sell for $39.95 and still make a commission for you or your organization?

Seventh, can you make enough money to reinvest in your advertising? In network marketing, selling product can drive your business and make you millions. Radio infomercials took one company from $10 million in sales per year to over $200 million in sales in just 18 months. It worked because the equation of return was balanced. The product sold for $39.95 and the commission on the sale was $15.00. The expectation for the product was for every $100 invested the advertiser should make 40-60% in sales (3-5 orders). Obviously you are losing money, but the key to the success of this company is the long-term residual income. With proper follow up, a $15 sale can easily become a $180 dollar return over the course of a year.

Eighth, do you know how to help your downline duplicate your success? This is a major factor in using a radio infomercial to build your network marketing business. The term we use is Cooperative Advertising or COOP for short. It is when a group of people combines their money to create a larger sum of advertising to leverage a better return and share the risk of failure. Understanding how this works is very important to the long-term growth of your success.

Ninth, do you have a stable company? Will the potential growth be a contributing factor to destabilizing the value of the product in the form of customer service or delivery?

Tenth, do you have the follow up? The backend of the radio infomercial implementation is intricate. It is not as easy as it looks. Radio is a tool for driving sales, in most cases the value of the sale is truly determined down the road when the customer orders a second and a third time. Do you have the ability to drive the follow up for the system?

These ten items are meant to assess and prepare you for the implementation of radio advertising. The good news is that each item has been successfully tried and tested and made millionaires of many. The implementation plan is well documented and the equation for success is well developed. While all advertising is a risk and fools only guarantee success, we can point to a long-standing history of success and a long list of lessons learned from failures. For a FREE Consultation on radio infomercial development for your company contact us at the numbers listed below. If you can answer this question: “Would you pay me $10,000 today for a $1,000,000 tomorrow,” then lets get serious and create a master sales piece to your arsenal.

Chad DeFerrari is the President of CDF Media Inc. with a 18 Year Background in Broadcast radio as a host, producer, and consultant.

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Is a Radio Infomercial right for your business?
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